Astell chapter 9

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    Luna looked around noticing she was no longer in the castle."Why have you brought me here?" she asked. "I couldn't bare to see you in there any longer," said Shadow. "Why have you not brought my sister? Why only me?" asked Luna. "Your sister took away from me the two most important people in my life: you and-" Shadow got cut off. "Astell? Is that whom thy were going to say? The one that put me in the dungeon?"said Luna. "HEY! She's also my mother you know. When Astell made me I watched Celestia banish her into a tapastrey. Then I watched her banish you. Luna, I lov-"said Shadow. "Wait, if you watched her banish me why did you not come help?"Luna interupted. "I couldn't. I didn't know how. All I know now is my love for you and Astell, and my hatred for Celestia," said Shadow.

Sorry so short! I am getting to a twist sometime soon and planing how I want to announce it. Keep reading!

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Cool! You haven't been writing Rise of the Wolves. What happened?
commented Nov 2, 2018 by LunaLight (130,310 points)
other stuff on my mind but i will be post ing another chapter soon i think

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