Astell chapter 8

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    "She's your mom?!" said Luna. "Yes, she is...."said Shadow. "I have to go, i think Astell is coming," he said. And off he went in shadow form. A few minutes later Astell came to Shadow in another room. The room had torn, black curtains and a red and black wallpaper that had had a lot of damage over the years. It also had a black and red bed and a carved, black vanity with a broken crown and a pure solid-shadow sword on it. The room was Astell's. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!" bellowed Astell. ""Shadow said startled. "Go get the amulet!!!" said Astell."OK!" said Shadow as he quickly went off again.

Why don't they see?

I have tried many times

to show them my side of the story

so why can't i ever be free?

Why do they always fear me?

they always run

from things they hate

they've never stopped running from me.

Astell wrote in her journal that was in her dresser.



Shadow went around the hall where Luna and Celestia were. He thought silently in his head before doing what he did next: Shadow ran into the cell in shadow form and wrapped around Luna and carried herwhile still in shadow form out of the cell, then out of castle, then out of the ever free forest. He set her down and flew away.

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Excellent job! This seems like a cliff hanger to me (Every unfinished story is like a cliffhanger to me lol) I hope you update again soon!

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